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Project supports and improves health of children and adolescent and also supports development of individuals and theirs potential and ability to manage and influence the changes around them.

The aim of the project is strengthening of child and adolescent mental health and peace which is achieved by securing education and methodical support for knowledge deepening and increase in competences of pedagogical workers in mental health area. This is achieved also by organization of psychoeducational programs for pupils focused on improvement of their knowledge and abilities connected with mental health.
Fulfillment of the project will be announced on the final project conference and here on our websites.


Expected project benefits:

  • increase in competency and initiative of teachers in activities focused on well-being of individual pupils and positive atmosphere in classroom (development of healthy relations among pupils).
  • acceptance of personal responsibility of teachers (and pupils) for creation of safe school climate and so pupils can manage to implement gained competencies more effectively as a regular part of educational process.
  • the project effect will show not only with individuals by increase of mental well-being but also by creation of positive atmosphere in the collective.


School has the opportunity to support well-being of children and pupils more than any other facility. We expect increase of pupils knowledge about mental health, development of their abilities to distinguish between mental well-being and mental discomfort due to the project activities and to be able to request professional help in case of need. We expect development of ability to actively care for personal mental health and to choose appropriate way for it’s preservation.


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